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  • Portfolio Review: # 3D Modelling: Image Engine - Chad Fox. # Concept Art: Daniel Dociu. # Illustration: Wizards of the Coast - Jon Schindehette. # 2D/3D Look Dev: Blizzard Entertainment - Xin Wang, Steven Chen, or Mark Lai
About Us

Share, Learn, and Network. CGmovement is a growing community of passionate computer graphic artists set out to help each other expand our knowledge about everything CG. CGMovement's mission is to promote interactive learning within the computer graphics community. Since May of 2007, this organization has been holding free bi-monthly CG workshops locally in Vancouver, BC, with 105 in memberships and growing. At each workshop, each participant brings forth a short tutorial piece ranging from basics to advanced material, from techniques to concepts, tips, and tricks - any experience beneficial to share with others. The purpose of this workshop series is to expand our 3D knowledge through peer instruction, and also to server as place for networking.

Our mantra is, "Anyone can teach."


Volunteers within the CG community and a few dedicated organizers make up the driving force behind the Anomaly workshop and party. The first event, which took place in 2009, was the initiate of the Vancouver-based artist society, CGMovement. Since then, CGMovement has collaborated with a diverse team, brought together as a result of Anomaly's increasing popularity and community support. Anomaly 2009 - The first workshop drew a vibrant crowd of 150 participants, and proved that CG artists in Vancouver yearned for more community building initiatives.

Anomaly H2O (2010) - To meet the community's roaring demand, organizers boldly expanded the scale and vision of the workshop. With the exclusive Vancouver Aquarium as its venue, 350 participants, including some of the industry's elite drew sponsorship interests from local game studios and various organizations.
anomaly n. 1. Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule. 2. One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify. 3. [Astronomy] The angular deviation, as observed from the sun, of a planet from its perihelion.

That moment when the sun presses
a gentle goodnight kiss on the earth
and the sky, in all her splendour, witnesses and blushes
moments of vitality, Unravelling before reverent eyes,
infused with a desire to immortalize the memory.

A magnificent night filled with artistic talents,
Anomaly awaits you.

Anomaly 2012 is a dynamic showcase of talented artists from across North America, a fusion of an art workshop and party that brings 2D/3D artists together to share inspiration and creativity. It will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, one of Canada's favourite and most beautiful attractions.
Ticket Information
For first time ticket buyer only. If you are a returning ticket holder or a VIP invitee, please proceed to enter your ID Key or restart the registration .

Basic Full Day prices:

Basic Full Day ticket includes:

  • Admission to Anomaly workshop and party
  • Study from Life sketching workshop
  • One year CGmovement membership
  • Raffle ticket for door prizes
  • Complimentary event t-shirt (only for ticket purchase prior to April 14, 2012)
  • Snacks throughout the event
  • An unforgettable evening of artistic inspiration!
  • Does not include Featured Presentation and Portfolio Review tickets
Refund Policy:

Full Refund: prior to March 1, 2012
Half Refund: prior to March 28, 2012.

We look forward to seeing you at Anomaly!
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Thank you for your interest in Anomaly 2012!

Please read the FAQ for answers to most questions.

If you have a question that the Event FAQ does not cover, please write them down below and we'll be glad to help!

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Concept Artist
Concept Artist
ArenaNet, Art Director / Concept Artist
Concept Artist
Owner, FuturePoly
Concept Art / Creature Design / Digital Sculpture
Concept Artist
Senior Creative Director, Wizards of the Coast
Modeler, Digital Domain Vancouver
Sr. II Cinematics Artist
Concept Artist, ArenaNet
Senior Modeler, Electronic Arts Canada
Concept Artist / Art Director
Concept Artist
Lead / Senior Look Dev Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Concept Artist
Freelance illustrator and concept artist, T Mack Art
3D Modeling
Senior Concept Artist, Monolith Productions
Cinematic Character & Prop Supervisor, Blizzard Entertainment
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